With a mission to be the leader in state-of-the-art digital forensic services, SIAGA INFORMATICS is a Malaysian based company providing digital forensic services, cell phone/mobile device exploitation, vendor certified training, expert witness testimony, and associated forensic hardware/software products offering comprehensive solutions for any type of organisation. For more than 5 years now, we have been giving our clients timely and professional service, while ensuring that our analysis exceeds the rules of evidence and our clients expectations.

Our clients include government agencies, private businesses, financial institutions, armed forces, law enforcement organisations and intelligence agencies, and e-discovery firms. Additionally, we have provided products, solutions and training to government agencies, armed forces, law enforcement and intelligence organisations and corporate security sectors across Malaysia. SIAGA INFORMATICS has handled various types of cases involving and ranging from inappropriate employee conduct, spoliation of evidence, embezzlement, theft and misuse of intellectual property, commercial litigation, corporate espionage, and Internet investigations.